Farley's Famous Hot Dogs


Delicious Hot Dogs

Our Hot Dogs have been famous for a long time, and for good reason. Fresh, steamed buns, homemade hot dog sauce (made daily in-house from scratch), and fresh, homemade coleslaw combine for a taste that takes you back in time!

Founded in 1968 by the Farley Family, the Farley's Famous Hot Dog brand has been a part of the Valley's communities for decades. Our Drive-ins hold a place in the memories of so many, and as a new generation is discovering an old way of enjoying their meals, Farley's will be there to welcome them!

Exciting New Menu Items

While we know Hot Dogs brought us to the dance, we aren't afraid to try new things to keep our customers happy! Funnel Cake Fries, dozens of new Milkshakes, and delicious Chicken Sandwiches are just a few of the ways we keep you coming back!

From the comfort of your car

Our classic Curb Service is a true time machine. Imagine sitting in a classic drive in while the car hop comes out to get your order, not worrying about a thing because they take care of refills and any other need, and you can enjoy the experience. You don't have to imagine, though, just drive out and visit us!